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Combine the expertise, knowledge and intuition of industry veterans dedicated to your business, with the best in AI software.
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Rolls-ROAS Media is a unique,
boutique ad-tech and social engineering agency. We maximize the reach and
impact of your ad spend, and we specialize in Facebook™.

We integrate our philosophy and practices into your business platform, meaning
maximum results with minimal integration effort, and
we create a solution unique to you.

We Know You

Rolls-ROAS learns and understands the needs
of your business. Not only your industry or your sector, but your individualbusiness, creating and executing a solution strategy that’s unique to you.

We Know Tech

You know that Facebook advertising is an invaluable resource that you can’t afford to ignore, but how much do you invest
into retargeting, and how much acquisition? Our holistic strategy guides the customer’s experience, assisted by our own proprietary software to maximize your return-on-spend at every stage of the journey.

We Know Results

Our main goal is to ensure that you, our client, can focus on what matters to you, as we do the work to integrate seamlessly into your culture and processes. Together, we create a harmonic collaboration that improves your results with the same resources you always committed.


Knowledge, Data, Experience, Intuition, Answers

As a leading Facebook™ media buying agency, tailored content is written into our DNA; we know instinctively the different spectrum that will resonate across your diverse audience. We create and shape the funnel process with a model custom designed for you.

what we do; build your brand, promote the right products, maximize your profits, and tell your story to the world one customer at a time.

How we do it

We Follow a 4 Step Process



We have a passion to understand your business on an intimate level, knowing that every environment brings unique challenges that demand ingenious solutions. Our mission is to integrate with and improve your systems to create a precisely orchestrated symbiosis, the custom fit bespoke to you.


We analyze your existing sales and marketing CRM data to develop our strategy, using dedicated campaigns and every tool in our varied arsenal to solve your individual challenges. We set the most challenging growth goals, and then our teams get to work.


The more data we accumulate, the more we learn, and we use this as a constant feedback loop to increase the efficiency and scale of your ad campaigns. Every milestone passed creates a new horizon, and we constantly push forwards to increase your returns.

Discovering the new world

Each success feeds our ambition to constantly find the potential for additional, better paths to market penetration and cost efficiency. We know that the market fluctuates rapidly, requiring constant awareness and course correction to grow your business beyond anything you ever thought possible. Join us to forge a growth partnership that will break boundaries and bring tomorrow’s potential into your today.

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